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About us

At sobamboo we are passionate about looking after our planet!
We embrace sustainable products that provide environmental and social benefits whilst helping to protect our planet.
We are committed to reducing the use of plastic and replacing it with everyday products that are made from sustainable materials and better for our environment.
We love bamboo and use this at the heart of many of our products.
Bamboo is great for the environment! It takes carbon dioxide out of the air faster than almost any other plant. Bamboo trees grow really quickly and take up little space making it a cost-effective material and Bamboo is super strong which makes it an ideal material for using in everyday products.
Our range products include Bamboo toothbrushes, straws,
hair brushes, combs, wireless chargers and much more!!
We carefully package them all up in recycled kraft packaging.
Why not join us and make a switch to bamboo to reduce plastic usage and help save our planet!